12 - 19 dec 2020

Rise Festival 14th - 21st Dec 2019


Save 50% today for a limited time.

How long will the offer be available for and how many tickets can I purchase?

We only have a limited number of tickets available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You will be able to purchase as many as you would like.

Once they are sold out, they are gone. This will be the cheapest option to come to Rise 2020.

When do flights go on sale?

We don't supply flights however most budget airlines release their seats in March. So hold off booking travel until later in the year. If you secure a ticket - we monitor flights and deals and will always share them with you as soon as we find out.

Can I purchase accommodation?

Yes, we have a basic ticket + accommodation packages available. These are our Rise Alpine apartments and are centrally located. Premium apartments, chalets, and lodges, as well as hotels, are available later in the year. We will notify you as soon as these become available.

What are your package offers?

Accommodation is the best deals you will find all year. Be sure to act fast.

We offer a basic 2 and 4 person package. Both include:

  • Lift Pass
  • Festival Ticket
  • Accommodation

The packages are priced as follows:

  • 2 Person: £339
  • 4 Person: £300

Accommodation are the best deals you will find all year. Be sure to act fast